Maia Caramete

Who am I as a learner?

In general, I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to learning. I like relying not only on instinct, but on others’ feedback too, to determine whether I’ve done something good, since my judgment alone may be biased. With this perfectionism comes a lot of self-critique, as I’m not often satisfied with my results. I know that I could always do better, but sometimes it is hard for me to live up to my expectations. It doesn’t always make me feel good to judge myself so harshly and compare myself to other people, and I’m working towards changing this. I realise that it’s not such a good idea to only focus on the outcome rather than the process, because I take out all the fun in learning and experimenting. Even if I make mistakes, I shouldn’t be so mad at myself, because I am not perfect. I can’t be perfect all the time. Mistakes are a human characteristic, after all, and you can eventually learn something from them.

I am a pretty competitive person, even if I don’t necessarily need to compete all the time. This desire of testing my abilities in comparison to others fuels this competitiveness. In time, I’ve learned to temper this desire and focus only on the progress I’ve made over time. I still enjoy a good competition every now and then, but I understand that there will always be people better and worse than me at something, so it’s not worth it to be in a constant competition. Even if I don’t get a fancy 1st place prize, I know that I’ve at least tried my best. I have found out that if I go at a competition not with the goal to be the best there, but to give all I’ve got at that moment and see how I do, I usually get pretty good results naturally. I’ve had my moments of success and failure, which I will always remember and cherish.

At school, I usually understand the lessons easily, but there are a few moments where I struggle remembering or comprehending something. If that happens, I usually ask for help from my parents. They are really talented at explaining a subject in a fun and intuitive way. Sometimes we lose our temper and we end up arguing, but in the end we never leave issues unresolved and make sure to clarify everything, which I like. I don’t really need to study much after school, because I usually remember what I’ve been taught in class. If I need to study for a test, most of the time it’s enough if I do it in the car on the way to school, since we live far from school. I like doing this because find it easiest to remember and understand notions if I explain them to my parents. I’ve learned that If I don’t truly understand something, I won’t be able to properly teach it to them. We also do word associations for these notions, so I can recall them easier if I get a mental block during the test. This method is effective and much more fun than sitting at my desk and studying alone. 

I have to admit that I have never liked doing homework after school. Even though I know it helps me better understand what I’ve learned through practice, I often feel I don’t have the energy to continue doing more school work at home, when I’ve already had 8 hours of school that day. At home, I prefer working on my hobbies, therefore I try to be efficient and take advantage of every break I can get at school to finish all my work and have more free time after classes. For me, it’s important to respect my deadlines (including this one!). Even though nobody puts pressure on me to hurry, I still make sure I finish my school projects within the deadline, preferably as soon as I get them assigned to me. I also take my education pretty seriously. I don’t like missing out on class, because the missed lessons frequently pile up, which ultimately leads to me struggling to keep up with everything else.

I really wonder if I’ll remember what I have learned in school after graduation. I hope I never forget the hardships and the fun experiences I had learning.

As a learner, I like acquiring and honing new skills that seem interesting and helpful to me. Throughout my life, I have tried a lot of things, such as learning Japanese, Spanish, street dancing, singing, and even circus lessons! I have stopped doing all of them at some point, either because I did not want to do that anymore, or because I couldn’t for some reason (school workload increasing, the Pandemic happening, and so on). I still miss going to Japanese club at school, and I hope I can resume learning this language in the future. I would also like to continue Spanish lessons. I was glad to find out that at AISB I can choose to take Spanish classes as my foreign language choice.

Even if I’ve stopped doing some activities, I have found other new ones that I enjoy. Currently, I have a few skills to focus on improving, which have ultimately become hobbies I really enjoy doing.

I have created this website to present myself, my hobbies, achievements, and what I have learned so far in my journey through life. 

This project has been an eye-opening trip through memory lane. It has helped me realise  how far I’ve come and how much I have improved. Looking through old recordings and projects that I’ve made reminds me of the times when I was a child with no care in the world.

Have fun exploring!