How I finally learned to play an instrument like I’ve always wanted to

At some point in my life, when I was in 4th grade, I decided I wanted to play an instrument, but I couldn’t decide which one to choose. I had taken different paths in music before, such as the piano lessons I took when I was little, playing with my parents’ guitar, and even taking singing lessons for a year. None of those seemed to suit me well. Determined to find one that I would enjoy playing, I decided to go to a summer school for children who wanted an introduction to different instruments hosted by a music academy in Bucharest. The day I arrived there and saw the acoustic drum set, I rushed to it and started playing random beats that sounded good to me. I remember that I’ve instantly decided I was going to play this from now on. It felt so normal to me to be playing percussion! It was so much better than strumming on a guitar and wearing my fingers off, or having to lay them in a specific order on the piano. At the end of the summer school, I knew I was drawn towards the drums the most, so I started lessons at that music academy.

    I didn’t have much chemistry with my first teacher, and even though he was praising me all the time, I felt that I wasn’t progressing. At some point, my drumming teacher left and I was assigned a new one. At first, I have to admit I was a bit scared of him, especially since he told me I played the drums ‘incorrectly’, but after a while I started to look up to and admire him. He took me back to the basics and taught me the essence of efficiently drumming.

In the four years that I have played this instrument, I’ve gained a lot of experience. For a while, I’ve also been assigned by the music academy in several bands, but I felt we’ve never managed to established a connection as bandmates in any of them. Moreover, I didn’t like the choice of songs that we were preparing for the academy’s biannual concerts. I felt that they were not challenging me enough as a drummer. In that period, I’ve never really felt like myself playing on stage. At some point, I started dreading the weekly Saturday practice sessions, because they felt like a chore to me.

It then took me a lot of courage to tell the teacher that was leading the band (the band manager) that I wanted to resign, since I couldn’t stand it anymore: the pop music we were playing, the lack of interaction with the other bandmates and so on. What I’d always wanted to play were cool and melodic rock and metal songs that had challenging beats and that actually took effort to learn and master. Fortunately, now I do those kinds of songs with my drumming teacher. I’ve recently learned to play a really complex song by Dream Theater, called “The Dance of Eternity”. It looked really difficult, but when we broke the song down into small sections, I realised  I could actually play the whole 6-minute song! It was such an amazing feeling playing this song on the stage, and I wish I could be in a band that would play these kinds of progress genres!

I am very passionate about drumming, and I wish to further continue this hobby, even if I often forget to practice because I get occupied with other things like school work.

Below are a few recordings of me playing the drums on stage.

P.S: It would be really cool if I formed a band here in this school! We’d compose or cover rock and metal songs, and we could even compete against other bands!

2020 summer show

I think this was one of the only times I played something I liked on stage. It was a bit challenging song at that time, which I liked. I wish I could have played more songs like this.

2021 summer show

This was with my old band. It really just felt like I was doing my job. I kept the rhythm well here, which I’m proud of.

2022 summer show

That show was basically the last straw for me. I did not like the songs we were playing at all, and the band was kind of falling apart at that point. After this show, I left for good.

2022 winter show

This was the first time when I sang something that really challenged me. It’s a pretty hard song, and I messed it up at some parts, but I enjoyed performing nonetheless. I’ve practiced this song a bit more and I can play the whole thing better!