How I progressed in martial arts

When I started writing this page, I couldn’t quite remember how I ended up doing Krav Maga, so I asked my parents. My mom told me that when I was about 10, she wanted me to learn some self-defense, just in case I ever needed it. She found a Dojo that taught Krav Maga to children. She really liked the history and the philosophy behind Krav Maga: It’s an Israelian martial art that teaches you self-defence by focusing on specific situations (e.g. someone grabbing your hand, pulling your hair, threatening you with a weapon, pushing you etc). I liked going to Krav Maga lessons as a kid, especially since I could boast about these skills with my classmates. I learned a lot of techniques that I still remember, and it also helped me stay fit. 

I’ve advanced from the white belt to the yellow, orange, up to the green belt. The green belt exam was a very tough endurance challenge for me, because it was a three-day span trial. During the exam, each scorching summer day we would go on a big football field and practice for 5 hours with a Krav Maga Grandmaster. But this endurance-building is part of Krav Maga philosophy. From the black belts, the people with the highest rank, I’ve heard that the black-belt exam takes place in a desert in Israel and lasts a week.

After I got the green belt, I had to move to an adult group, because there weren’t any new skills for me to learn in the children group, most of them being beginners. At the beginning of 8th grade, I decided to take a break from Krav Maga training at least until the National Exam at the end of Middle School, since I had to fit in two more after-school activities in preparation for this test and I wanted to keep as much free time as possible during the week. Especially since the training schedule in the adult group was very exhausting for me, lasting at least one and a half hour per week.  At some point, after I enter high-school., I would like to continue my Krav Maga training. I have come this far, and it would be a shame to stop here. There are still a lot more self-defence techniques to learn. I would definitely look for a group with trainees closer to my age and endurance, so I feel more comfortable.


This is me when I first started


This is me when I passed the green belt exam