My Hobbies

How I came about learning a bit of music

In terms of music, I am neither a composer, nor a producer in that matter. I like making voice covers of other people's songs, using a voice synthesizer program named Vocaloid, made by Yamaha. It allows me to create a singing voice without having to record anything, by mashing together snippets of pre-recorded phonemes. I mostly like covering Japanese songs, but sometimes I take on covers in English, too. It is an expensive hobby, but I have learned about singing styles so much, and I found a very amazing community that gives me feedback and constantly motivates me.

When I began making Vocaloid covers, I had to learn about mixing the vocals into the instrumental, too, in order to create better sound. It's not an easy process and it often leads to a worse end product if not used properly. This discourages me often, but I always tell myself that I will get better in time, the more covers I mix.

I have started this journey quite recently, only a year ago, and I still have a lot more to improve, but it is something I am very passionate to learn more about and get better at.

Here are a few examples of what I've done so far with Vocaloid:

My Covers uploaded on youtube:

My first cover!

This was first time I actually used the software. I did not know the full capabilities of manipulating the vocals then. I didn't mix it either (I didn't know it was an important step of making covers like these).

This is when I learned about mixing. I used the default presets from Vocaloid, since I did not have a proper software to mix.

This is when I found out how to manually manipulate the vocals. There are a lot of parameters like Pitch Bending, Breathiness, Clearness, Brightness etc that can be adjusted to allow you the freedom to make anything. Maybe there was too much freedom for me at that time, I kind of overused the parameters, to be honest.

Covers I did not upload or that I'm working on:

Merry Bad End - Mafumafu (voice: Kobayashi matcha)

This is the first cover with a new voice bank. I feel like I’ve overdone the vocals and messed up the mixing a bit here, too.

Alien Alien - NayutalieN (voice: meika hime)

Here I tried a new vocal manipulation technique, but I found it didn’t fit my style quite well. It’s a bit rushed. 

The Distortionist - Ghost and Pals (voice: macne nana English

The first English cover I’ve done! It’s really tough working with this voice bank’s phonemes, since the pronunciation is so weird. You can also hear a bit of engine noise in the background. I’m still very proud of how this is turning out, though!